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Business Owners and Managers

I know.  You are time-poor.

You know your sector inside out but struggle with leadership challenges like attracting talented people, creating a positive workplace culture, motivating employees and making difficult decisions.

You think "Some day I'll have my own coach". 
Given that research shows a 7-8 times return on investment in coaching, why wait?


With affordable coaching in blocks of 4 sessions, it's easier than you think to sample what it's like to have a world class coach at your side.


You can then apply for one of only 10 places per year on Lisa's Leadership Masterminds Programme which will accelerate your development beyond what you thought was possible.

Lisa has coached and mentored Business Owners, C-Suite Executives and Middle Managers via private, semi-state, cross-border bodies and international panels since 2015.  She will empower you to overcome the challenges you face, such as shifting from sole trader to employer or from team member to team lead, retaining staff, knowing when to be in the trenches and when to work on strategy, leading remotely, how to be compassionate to employees while meeting tight deadlines and most importantly how to build and maintain your own resilience so you don't burn out.

I See You...

You’re a business owner or manager.

You’re an expert in your field, but could really use deeper leadership skills.
make difficult decisions but worry afterwards.
You look at other leaders and wish you had their know-how.

Wouldn't it be great...

If you felt Resilient, Empathetic and Anchored?
If your leadership magnetised world class talent to your business?
If your people went above and beyond expectations? 

If you had a world class coach who can issue CPD points for all the coaching hours you undertake?

To know that by investing in your development the benefits will ripple out through your business and throughout your life?

When you hire Lisa as your coach,
you will quickly gain clarity, purpose, renewed energy,
and become the kind of leader that people can’t wait to work for.

Don't just take our word for it!  Read what Lisa's clients said HERE 

Unlike Self Help books....

...which end up being shelf help...

Our 4 week group training

will teach you the frameworks and best practices of R.E.A.L Leadership.

Unlike One-Day Seminars...

...that leave you feeling enthused for a short period of time.

Lisa's 1:1 coaching

will help you develop, stretch and embed your unique strengths.

Unlike the folders of...

...unread articles and notes that you mean to read some day.

You will know how to

manage conflict, build trust, and empower and inspire your staff.

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