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Career in Practice Nursing Info series (3 of 5)

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

What Practice Nurses say.

In today’s post, I’m sharing some insights into what Practice Nurses regularly say about their roles and Practice Nursing as a speciality of nursing.

I worked in the Practice Nursing world for 15 years so I have heard many Practice Nurses speak about what they love about their job as well as what they don’t like so much, and I thought you’d like to hear a bit of both here.

Practice Nurses who report loving their jobs will say that the opportunity to get to know practice populations and whole extended families over months and years is one of the most fulfilling parts of their job.

Practice Nurses who aren’t happy usually cite unfavourable Terms and Conditions as the main reason, but it’s important to note that Ts & Cs are negotiable – in fact sometimes much more so than in the public sector.  In fact, I have known Practice Nurses whose employers paid them more than the average Practice Nurse salaries, and who also willingly paid for their CPD.

Anyone thinking about a move to Practice Nursing has a lot to consider.  If this is you, you should make sure you are fully informed about all aspects of the job and the role, not just Ts and Cs but the Scope, extended nursing roles, the opportunity to lead a team in Primary Care, the chance to make a real difference to your patient population, the upsides, the downsides, things that may be deal-breakers for you, options that may be available to you that you didn’t realise before and that excite you – everything.

The best career decision for you can only be made by you.

So today’s question is:

What do you think you would like about being a Practice Nurse?  

Tomorrow’s post is on a huge topic that often comes up for nurses in all sectors, so make sure to tune in!

Until then, best wishes,


P.S. This and many other topics not included in this series will be covered in detail during the workshops that I am co-hosting on 26th July and 4th October with Jane Campion. The workshop is titled “Practice Nursing as a Career”.

The link for more information and booking is here.

During the workshop we are going to give you all the information you need to help you make an informed decision about pursuing a career in Practice Nursing, including:

  1. The role of the Practice Nurse – responsibilities, Scope of Practice, qualifications needed, extended nursing duties, etc.

  2. Structure of Primary Care – so you have a better understanding of this area and will be able to identify the particular strengths you have that you could bring to a Practice Nurse role.

  3. Terms and Conditions – practical information and advice from an expert from Cornmarket.

  4. Life and Career choices – using coaching methods and tools you will discover your life purpose, what your personal work preference is, what your drivers are to or away from certain things and what needs to change in your life/work situation. We will also cover other aspects such as confidence when applying for jobs.

  5. There is much more on the Agenda – it’s a day packed with information, discussion, exploration and exercises that will give you much deeper insights than you can access yourself or via this series.

We have kept the price low to make it accessible for everyone. As well as this, tea/coffee and light lunch are included in the price. There are still some places available on both dates so if you have been thinking about this, now is the time to book and secure your place before they are all gone.

P.P.S. Both Jane and I have extensive experience of Practice Nursing (41 years between us!) so this is a great opportunity to learn from us and pick our brains in a safe space, away from work/life distractions and demands.

So don’t miss out – CLICK HERE and secure your spot today.


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