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Reversing burnout

I have been doing a lot of Resilience Workshops recently – a sign of the times.

After one of the workshops I was approached privately by an attendee whose key insight was that she is heading for burnout. (In my training I identify 4 stages so participants are aware of where they are and can reverse the process if caught on time).

I sent her a list of techniques. Having burned out of nursing twice and then of course having had (as all of us did) many challenging moments during the pandemic, these are well and truly tried and tested.

1) Do your Resilience Wheel and see what area of your life needs a bit more attention right now. The wheel can be accessed in the free version of The Resilience Hub HERE.

2) Delegate as much as you can. Really delegate and offload as much as you can and whatever you can.

3) I cannot recommend mindfulness and music enough. YouTube is full of binaural sounds to re-programme your thought patterns. Here are my favourites but you may find others that work better for you.

4) Music: I found that during the pandemic I had stopped listening to music (because I wasn't in the car!) but I got back to it and I have playlists to suit whatever mood I'm feeling, whether it's to soothe me or energise me. It has made a huge difference.

5) During lockdown when I had absolutely walked myself out of options to re-energise, I started and completed a difficult jigsaw, over 4 months at my own pace, on a desk at a window where the light shone in. Sunlight is brilliant for lifting our mood, just look at the difference when a ray peaks out through the clouds. The jigsaw distracted me and slowed me down to think, and saved my head quite honestly at one point.

6) Start doing something a little bit different every day, for example, go a different route to work, walk a different route, stop at a shop you never go to to get a coffee or tea, sit in a different chair, do something a little bit different at work if you can.

7) Spend as much time in nature as you can. Wrap up and sit at a lake and just let your mind wander - no agenda, let it go where it wants to and notice all the things around you - particularly 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell, 1 thing you can taste.

8) Essential oils are amazing. Here is a video I did of some I use.

9) Nourish your body with the best fuel you can get your hands on, get good quality sleep, drink plenty of water. Every day. These three are non-negotiable.

Until next week, take care,


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