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"I dropped my keys
and someone nearly died"

Lisa, a former nurse, explains how an unintended error 30 years ago almost resulted in serious harm to her patient. In this talk she explores what, if anything, has changed since that day to make healthcare safer and the real cost of the embedded name, blame and shame culture in workplaces and throughout society.

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The Way of The Quiet Leader

“The Way of the Quiet Leader” is a weekly guide for people who want to lead well while being confident in their authentic leadership style.

It goes out at 10am (GMT) each Saturday, to provoke some thinking and insights before the week ahead.


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Themes include REAL Leadership,
Just Culture, Psychological Safety

and Quiet Leadership.

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Lisa's clients achieve great results,
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How coaching will benefit you

Coaching is a safe confidential space where under the guidance of an experienced and skilled coach, you will reach deep into the hidden parts of your mind, uncover your unique abilities (the ones you know about and the many more you are unaware of!) and use these as the cornerstones of real change and improvements in your life.


Coaching is transformative and life-changing; it is the ultimate investment in yourself because the value you get lasts long after your coaching engagement has concluded.

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