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Are you ready to develop
the R.E.A.L Leaders in your team?

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What is a R.E.A.L Leader?

REAL leaders lead by example. They can see a better future and they inspire others by showing the way.

R: They replenish their own Resilience every day, so that it serves them well when there’s a crisis and so that they can create and hold a space of safety for others who are afraid.

E: They are Empathetic and just. Their teams know that they will be treated fairly even when they have made a mistake. (Notice that’s ‘when’ not ‘if’ they make a mistake. We all make mistakes. It’s a feature of being human).

A: They have daily habits and behaviours that are Anchored in their values and that bring those values to life.

L: REAL Leaders know that their own Leadership development is a lifelong journey that like any journey includes highs and lows, twists, turns and unexpected hazards, but always progress.

A true leader leaves a legacy of
future leaders among those
around them.

We can all easily identify those who are not true leaders, and those we do not want to follow.  What the world needs is REAL leaders, not just in senior roles but in every walk of life.

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R.E.A.L Leadership - 4 week group training
7 CPD points

R.E.A.L. Leadership is a 4 module programme delivered via live webinar (2 hrs once a week) that will give you and your team members the tools and insights you need to be a Resilient, Empathetic and Anchored Leaders.

It is based on latest findings from the world of neuroscience and human physiology, along with models and theories from the fields of Just Culture and Leadership.

Certificates for 7 CPD points issued upon completion.


Can be delivered online or in-house. 

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60 days to R.E.A.L. Leadership (self-directed)

60+ daily bite-sized Leadership Tips to make the best leadership methods and approaches accessible to you, financially and time-wise.  Each tip is based on extensive reading plus experience of working with leaders of small to large businesses globally.

One time purchase gives lifetime access to this self-directed course.  Follow in sequence for best results, and revisit any topic any time as needed.

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REAL Leadership Membership Programmes provide a structured process of leadership development with defined goals, from Foundations through to Growth and on to Masterminds.

They include some or all of the following (depending on the programme level you sign up to):

  • A library of pre-recorded lessons.

  • Live Q&A calls.

  • Live weekly trainings over an 8 week cycle on:

  • Resilience, Empathy, Anchored Habits, Leadership Levels and Styles, Leading in a Crisis, Psychological Safety and Domestic Abuse.

  • EQ 360 and EQ-i 2.0 Personal Report and Workbook in month 1.

  • VIP One-to-One Coaching with Lisa.  Earn 1 CPD point per hour of coaching.

  • Personal Trello Board for ongoing collaboration with Lisa.

  • Repeat EQ360 and EQ-i 2.0 Personal Report and Workbook in month 12.


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Demystifying Domestic Abuse - Workplace Training

In our rapidly evolving society, the importance of recognising and responding to the signs of domestic abuse has never been more critical. While domestic abuse has long been an issue shrouded in silence and misunderstanding, our mission is to break these barriers and empower every individual, be it in a workplace or a social setting, to not only identify the signs but also to empathise and act supportively. Whether it is a colleague at work, a client you engage with, a friend you meet for coffee, or a family member you share your life with – no one should feel isolated or helpless in the face of domestic abuse. 


Our specially curated 'Demystifying Domestic Abuse Training' is an immersive face-to-face experience tailored for a compact group of 25 participants. Ideally, those participating should include individuals who are in positions that can influence the broader workforce or community, such as domestic abuse and health & well-being champions, HR leaders, or people managers.

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