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Leadership Masterminds
A structured programme of
Executive Coaching

It's an employee's market right now.  Almost every employer and manager is noticing how difficult it is to attract talent and even more difficult to retain them.

If you are serious about wanting to address this by becoming the leader that people cannot wait to work for, you need to work on your leadership effectiveness.  The most impactful, time-efficient and personally beneficial way to do this is to hire a skilled coach who has the knowledge and expertise to bring you to the next level of leadership.

Maybe you have already considered hiring a coach but you’re worried that your schedule is already too full (how on earth can you make time for coaching?!).  The reality is that the world’s busiest and most successful people have all hired coaches and prioritise regular sessions.  It’s no accident.  They know that they can’t make the progress they want on their own.


Why not schedule a free chat with Lisa using the link at the end of the page to discuss how working with Lisa in her Leadership Masterminds Programme will accelerate your development beyond what you thought was possible.

Lisa has coached and mentored Business Owners, C-Suite Executives and Middle Managers via private, semi-state, cross-border bodies and international panels since 2015.  She will empower you to overcome the real and gritty challenges you face every day such as retaining staff, knowing when to be in the trenches and when to work on strategy, leading remotely, how to be compassionate to employees while meeting tight deadlines and most importantly how to build and maintain your own resilience so you don't burn out.

I See You...

You’re a C-Suite Executive or senior manager with a large team.

You’re an expert in your field, but would like solid leadership skills to be able to inspire your people to do their best work.
make difficult decisions but worry afterwards.
You would like a structured leadership growth path.

You read leadership articles but somehow find it difficult to implement them in your day to day role.

You feel alone with overwhelming responsibilities.

Wouldn't it be great...

If you felt Resilient, Empathetic and Anchored?
If your leadership magnetised world class talent to your business?

If you had a world class coach who knows you and your business and will guide you through a structured measurable programme of leadership development.

If you earned CPD points as you work through your programme.

To co-design a leadership development programme that works for you, in your business context.

When you hire Lisa as your coach,
you will quickly gain leadership skills that you can implement immediately
as well as clarity, purpose and renewed energy;
becoming the kind of leader that people can’t wait to work for.

Don't just take our word for it!  Read what Lisa's clients said HERE 

What's included in your Leadership Mastermind Programme

One private 1:1 coaching session per month with Lisa

Accountability check-ins
between sessions

A library of curated resources

Personal Trello board to collaborate with Lisa

EQ 360 and EQ-i 2.0 Personal Reports and workbooks x 2.

Earn 1 CPD point per hour
of coaching received

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