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I was tempted, but I didn’t!

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

It was more difficult for me than the breezy line above might suggest.

Public speaking is waaayyy out of my comfort zone, as it is for the vast majority of people.

Ironically, and brilliantly, my topic was how to silence the inner critic. How apt, because I had to use all the techniques I was teaching, over and over again in the run up to the event. Which I’m grateful for actually, because it keeps me in touch with what others are feeling so I really do speak from experience.

I was in the virtual green room a.k.a. Live Stage 2, and just before I came on air the technicians popped the main stage on my screen so I could see what everyone was seeing. My heart was absolutely pounding. I was sucking in air in deep breaths. I had practised and prepared though – a lot! – so once I got going I really enjoyed it (can you tell from the screenshot above, courtesy of Gillian Hennessy on Twitter?!) and the time flew. Before I knew it I was ‘off air’ and settling in to watch the other speakers after me.

So what was I temped to do, I hear you ask? (see subject line). Before I left the house I thought of grabbing a bottle of Rescue Remedy to soothe my nerves, but immediately thought ‘No’. Part of my teaching and training is that we all have what we need within us already. We don’t need drugs (or Rescue Remedy!), a certain personality type, or our lucky charm in our pocket. I had to be authentic in my delivery and in what I was teaching. How can I do that if I ever give in to the temptation of an external or pharmaceutical crutch?

The great thing about repeatedly refusing any crutch is that I prove this claim to myself over and over and over again. I do have everything within me that I need and I don’t leave it behind when I leave the house.

As do you.

It’s with me, inside me, wherever I am.

As it is with you.

If I can overcome a flood of stress hormones at crucial moments, then anyone can, including you.

The link to watch the replay of my talk is here (I’m on between 22-38 minutes of the video of the morning sessions, but the other speakers throughout the day were wonderful, well worth a watch). I hope it empowers you, especially now that you know my inner path to that moment of going ‘Live On Air’!

Until next week, take care,



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