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40% longer to get back

Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, but refused to keep one in his study. He feared it would distract him from his work.

When we are distracted it takes 40% longer to get back to where we were before the distraction.

This is time-consuming, inefficient and it drains precious brain energy and resources. Constant interruptions make us (incorrectly) feel that we haven't achieved anything that day and over time this will lead to burnout.

As leaders we think we have to be accessible all the time. Just in case. Because only we know the answers. Because we are 'indispensable'. However, the fact is that graveyards are full of indispensable people and the world carries on without them.

Resilient Leadership Tip: Allocate time when your energy is highest for the deep work sprints needed to get stuff done and ensure you are uninterrupted during those sprints. If there is a genuine emergency you'll be contacted. Otherwise the rest can wait a few hours.

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