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Demystifying Domestic Abuse (Taster Days)

Employers...are you ready to respond effectively if your employee discloses domestic abuse to you? Are you prepared for the new legislation that will entitle employees to full pay for Domestic Violence Leave?

Here are just some reasons why employers just cannot afford to ignore this any more:

  • 75% of Domestic Abuse spills over into the workplace causing lack of focus and affecting performance. It also poses a safety risk to the employee and his/her colleagues.

  • 58% of those experiencing Domestic Abuse miss at least 3 days of work per month as result

  • of the abuse. Failure to respond or support an employee appropriately could cost an employer up to four weeks salary if brought to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

If you are an employer, Manager, HR professional or L&D professional you are invited to register for 'Demystifying Domestic Abuse' - a taster day of a workplace training offering with a difference.

This is a training approach that is quite unique, developed by Changing Relations C.I.C. in the UK and delivered in Ireland for the first time by me in collaboration with Fresh Thinking ( FT Consultants Ltd ). It's powerful, experiential, practical and carefully created and delivered by experts in adult learning to ensure you get the maximum benefit from it.

Participants attending recent taster days have said that this training:

“Gave me more confidence to have those conversations.”

“Broadened the context in which I understand domestic abuse”

“Films were very powerful, backed up by quality resources”

“I want to reiterate how fantastic it was to experience the training you have developed as a participant (and a survivor).”

“I love the beautiful workbooks and material I brought back today. I found the interactive session very engaging. Can’t wait to share my experience and new knowledge with my 10 other fellow Domestic Abuse Champions.”

“Changing Relations’ training format is very different to what you might be used to - they use arts and media as a conduit for deep and meaningful reflections without invading anyone's privacy.”

This is essential training for business owners, people managers, HR Leaders, domestic abuse and health & well-being champions.

This training day has three parts:

Make Do And Mend

We begin the training day with a shared viewing of Changing Relations’ film Make Do and Mend (the trailer of which is available on their You Tube channel ) which we use to unpick the breadth of manifestations of domestic abuse, its underlying nature and the signs we might be able to pick up that a friend or colleague is affected. We go on to explore the many and complex reasons victims don’t leave abusive relationships, by developing our understanding of the impact domestic abuse has on its victims, and use this empathy and understanding to begin considering how to respond helpfully to a domestic abuse victim.

Us Too

In part 2, we introduce Changing Relations’ soundscape, Us Too (Clips of which can also be found on their You Tube channel through which we explore the breadth and diversity of people who can be affected by – and indeed perpetrate – domestic abuse. This involves considering how demographic characteristics, and indeed stereotypes, can be barriers to self- and peer- identification and thus to accessing support. We revisit signs of abuse from a workplace and perpetrator perspective.

Apply The Learning

In the final part of the training, we consider the impact bystander responses can have on both victims and perpetrators, and therefore why we might need to take a look at our workplace culture and what we are thereby supporting or challenging. We unpick the way in which gender stereotypes play into the cultures we create and consider how to apply the learning from the session in your own workplace setting.

This taster day will help you develop a more psychologically safe, open, supportive company culture with better people managers, leading happy, healthy, and productive teams, and retaining the best talent.

Next dates: Tuesday 3rd October 2023 9am-4.30pm Dublin (venue tbc). November 2023 (date and venue tbc).

To get more information simply e-mail Lisa {at} to set up a call to discuss how this training could make a life-changing (potentially life-saving) difference to your employees.

Because what employee would ever leave a manager who has supported them on their journey to safety and autonomy...?

Be the Leader that people cannot wait to work for.


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