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Blame Tree or Blame Free?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

We all know what happens when we plant a seed and feed it.

Sometimes a seed is planted though and we don’t see it growing for ages. A bamboo tree for example spends 5 years of its life embedding its roots before it ever flourishes above ground.

Every time we say something or don’t say something…

Every time we emit a non-verbal signal, expression or feeling…

Every time we take a sharp intake of breath, or we sigh…

Every time we make eye contact, or not…

…we are planting a seed in a relationship with someone.

Repeated behaviours will water the seed, whether it’s a flower or a weed, good or bad.

Have we planted seeds this week that we’d rather not grow, by speaking sharply to someone or being impatient? If so we can repair the harm by reaching out kindly, warmly and apologetically if needed. As Carla mentioned in last week’s newsletter, when a leader shows that they are human too, everyone gravitates towards them because they are more relatable.

We can consciously choose whether we plant and water a blame tree (roots, branches, the whole thing) or a blame free society where fairness and accountability are the preferred approach.

Until next time, take care,



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