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Do you need a refresh

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Do you feel you are making progress or do you have great ideas and then find yourself spinning your wheels in the mud?

Progress in life, business, or personal development comes through taking the initiative initially and then continuing to push on with that, while adding in new strategies, concepts and plans.

The original momentum is usually not enough to keep you moving forward.

Your progress will grind to a halt unless you refill your fuel tank with reminders of the original reason you took action as well as new ideas to keep the whole thing fresh and exciting for you.

Given that 95% of our days are made up of habitual behaviours, thoughts and actions, what would refresh that for you?

Tip No 1: The best way to find that is to go somewhere that you normally don’t go, out of the ordinary and allow some time and space to daydream. You’ll find people say they are most creative sitting in a quiet hotel foyer or café with a cup of tea or coffee, a blank notepad and pen.

Tip No 2: This is also a very effective way to find a new solution to an old problem, because it reboots your brain to start working on it again from a different angle.


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