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How forgiving heals YOU

Last Thursday was Global Forgiveness Day.

The subject of forgiveness is deeply emotional. Most of us find it hard to find a glimmer of compassion or kindness when someone has treated us badly.

“What?! We’re hurting and we have to heal or help them?! What’s that about?”

It’s easier to forgive someone when we feel they deserve it. Much more difficult when we feel they don’t.

And of course it’s also challenging when the impact of their actions affects your business or a team that you lead.

It might help to remember the evidence researchers have found of the power of forgiveness to heal us. Never mind the other person. The benefits to you are extraordinary.

- Decreased negative emotion.

- Relaxed facial muscle tension at the brow.

- Reduced tension in the orbicularis oculi muscles (eyes!).

- Slower heart rate by buffering the parasympathetic nervous system.

- Stimulates your zygomatic muscle (makes you smile!)

- Minimised susceptibility to stress disorders.

- Increased hope and self-esteem.

- Faster return to relaxed state after a stressful event.

So even if you find it hard to forgive (and we all do) do it for yourself. You are definitely worth it :)

Until next time, take care,



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