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Do you need to reassure yourself?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

It’s something we identified as a symptom of nurses, teachers and others who are in caring professions or who have responsibility for others. These are people who often burn out because they look after everyone else before themselves, and it got me thinking about first aid kits because I often recommend to my coaching clients that they have an emotional first aid kit which is a set of go-to things or people to lean on when we are feeling emotionally hurt, overwhelmed or stressed.

I’ve created a video about it and it’s now in the Resilience Hub – in the Resilience Recovery section.  If you haven’t signed up to the hub yet you can do so with the link here.  There is a free version with lots of helpful guides in there and if you want more you can upgrade to get access to the full library of bite-sized stress management tips, tips for building confidence and resilience and small changes you can make to have a much happier and calmer life.

So please sign up if you haven’t already and have a great weekend ahead.

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