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How business owners can generate trust

Did you know that when you are within 10 feet of another person you are picking up their energy and they are picking up yours?

This is scientifically proven with evidence of physiological responses such as heart rate variability becoming synchronised and blood pressure stabilising when you are in agreement and the opposite happening when there are feelings of conflict.

If you lead people it's always worth checking in with yourself on this. Are you emitting an energy that generates trust in those you lead? You can consciously decide to, by parking any assumptions, past history, pre-conceived ideas and stereotypes that might be clouding your availability to really hear what someone is conveying and their psychological safety to say what they really mean.

If you have had a day where you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, make sure you come back to harbour. Ships always return to harbour to restock and refuel. Make sure you do that.


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