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Think Week(s)

Ever since I heard about Bill Gates' biannual 'Think Weeks' I have been both envious and inspired in equal parts.

For us mere mortals who don't have the luxury of escaping to a cabin far far away, there are other ways to take breaks, which I try to do regularly.

- Cutting down on work hours.

- Stop at home time and don't go back into the office after dinner!

- A half-day off every week or even once a month to just do random unplanned stuff.

- A 5 minute meditation through headphones, preferably lying down, does wonders for an overworked mind.

- Saying no.

- Decluttering my office helps declutter my mind and soul too.

Those of you who have been reading these newsletters for a while know that I regularly take little breaks - as much for you as for myself!

I am feeling called to take one now for a few weeks to do as I often say; stop, rest and recharge. I have had some new nuggets of ideas for my business trying to find space in my head to unfurl their wings. I also want to stop and look and be sure that I'm continuing to provide value in these newsletters.

I am still available for 1:1 coaching and also gearing up for a busy Autumn providing my REAL Leadership training to various companies and groups so if you need me you know where to find me!

So until then, whenever 'then' is, take care,



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