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The Coaching Leader

You don't need to have completed a coaching qualification to be a coaching style of leader. It helps (!) but if you are a good listener you have what you need.

Leaders who use a coaching style of leadership listen more than they talk.

They leave a silence when someone seems to have finished speaking, but indicate with their non-verbal cues that they want to hear more, or they might say 'Tell me more about that?'

Now, it can be a real challenge to leave a silence. Most of us don’t like a silence and we try to fill it. Try not to fill it, because that encourages the other person to fill it by talking some more. By doing that they will dig a little bit deeper to find words and expressions and that can take a bit of time, but it’s worth it.

Trust me, you will be amazed at what transpires and how much more you will learn so that you can respond and lead more effectively.

As a leader, make sure you surround yourself also with people who listen - really listen - to you. There is a quote which is so true, which is that the greatest gift you can give someone is the purity of your attention.

Make sure you also access someone who gives you the purity if their attention.

Until next time, take care,



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