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The Loop. It's wide open.

We all like being around people who are positive. It feels good, we’re not sure why – it just does.

Well, here’s the science bit.

The limbic system of our brain is designed in what’s known as an ‘open loop’ nature. Our circulatory system is a closed loop and is largely self-regulating.

Our open loop brains are wide open to the emotions and chemicals emitted by other humans. And the feelings emitted by other people have a physiological impact on us that’s so profound it can be measured.

For example:

Research from intensive care units has shown that the comforting presence of another person lowers the patient’s blood pressure and reduces the secretion of fatty acids that the block arteries.

Studies in cardiac care units show that if the general mood of the nurses was depressed, the death rates of those units was four times higher than other units where the nurses were happy.

And those two examples involve unconscious people.

Imagine what’s happening when everyone is conscious, in businesses and companies...

Well there is a logarithm that predicts the benefit there too.

In 2001 a study found that for every 1% improvement in the happiness of employees there is a 2% increase in revenues.

So…when we have a contagious positive attitude we not only improve each other’s cardiac health, but we also impact on business outcomes and results.

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