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One candle lights many others

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

You may know that I am a member of BNI – a global business networking and referral organisation. My chapter is the Rossmore Chapter, normally ‘stationed’ in the Hillgrove Hotel in Monaghan but online for now of course. My fellow chapter members play a huge role in what I can safely call my resilient business mindset. Positivity is the name of the game at weekly meetings. It’s a culture that is fostered from the top down in the organisation, in every country, by everyone involved. (Side note, if you’d like to visit, it’s free, just let me know!)

This week, Beth Misner, the wife of the founder of BNI, Ivan Misner, very sadly and quite suddenly passed away from cancer. I never met her but by all accounts her positive nature shone brightly and all who met her bathed in that glow and was the better of it.

She wrote the following article during 2020 and I believe it is not just worth sharing, but essential reading for anyone who needs to hear some words of encouragement in these challenging times. I don’t have an online link to direct you to, so it’s copied and pasted here with full credit to her.

“Your Wellness and Your Wealth A lot of conversation in these extraordinary days centers around wellness and health as the entire world focuses on keeping well. But what does wellness have to do with one’s wealth as we go forward and eventually return to our pre-pandemic state of affairs? I believe it has a lot to do with it—and here’s why:

Secondly, when you are at the top of your health game (or not far from it), you operate with greater creativity, positivity, clarity, and make fewer mistakes. This goes a very long, long way toward closing bigger and better deals, networking more widely and successfully, and thriving in your chosen profession. I used to go a printer who was never really well. Each time I went into his shop, he was just finishing a huge hacking coughing fit, his skin was sallow and pale, and there were times he had to close the shop to go to various doctor’s appointments. Eventually, he was also making mistakes with my orders, and I changed to a new printer. What a joy it was to walk in to my new printer’s shop. She was beaming at me as I walked in, always cheerful, energetic and visually never made any mistakes with my orders. What a difference!

Finally, any conversation I take part in about wellness must also include mental health. If one begins to struggle with mental health: depression, anxiety, fear, and so on, eventually it will have a negative impact on one’s physical health. Our immune systems are dependent upon our mental health. There was a time in my life when really I struggled with my own mental health. My work suffered as a result of the depression I was going through, and eventually I was getting sick more often and missing days or even weeks, in the office.

These extraordinary times are creating mental health challenges for a lot people. There are two very simple ways to have a positive impact on your mental health: regular meditation and taking frequent breaks to breathe deeply for 3-4 minutes. Just doing these two simple things can help you keep your mind at ease and allow you to have good sleep and a positive attitude. If your mental health struggles are more serious, please do not hesitate to seek the help of a mental health professional. There is no shame in getting help with your brain function, just as there is no shame in seeking help with your physical heart or your kidneys! You don’t have to suffer through it in silence all alone.

I hope these points will be helpful and give you more awareness about how intertwined your wellness is with your wealth!” – Beth Misner (To learn more about Beth’s work see Abundant Health)

I really couldn’t have put this better myself. RIP Beth. As I always do when a good person is taken from us, I try to ‘live’ or repeat their message to the world so that their energy carries on and others continue to benefit from it.

This way, they are always with us.

So, this coming week, let’s all behealthy, vital and energised’ and notice when that’s reflected back to us.

One candle can light many others.

Until next week, take care,


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