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Stop suppressing joy

How long did you celebrate your last big success?

An hour? A day?

With the demands of modern life we might acknowledge a success but then move on quickly to the next challenge, sometimes barely noticing what we have achieved.

A large part of success comes down to your mindset - so how can you have a success mindset if you always suppress joy when something goes right?

The time we spend celebrating success should be in proportion to the time we worked for it.

Think about a young person who completes a four-year degree in college. They celebrate for a night, maybe two. Then on to the next thing. After four years of work this is not enough joy!

Sitting in our joy for as long as we can releases health-enhancing happy hormones and endorphins which help to protect us from cancer, heart disease and other stress-related illnesses.

What was your last big success? Revisit it. FEEL the joy. Sit in that joy until you get goosebumps. Stay there as long as you can and revisit it often.

You deserve to be happy so don't deny it to yourself when the world (suddenly!) works in your favour!

Until next week, take care,



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