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The Real Asset

If you bought a new family car, you'd look after it, right?

If you saved up and bought a machine or equipment for your business that was a little out of your price range but that you knew was the best, you wouldn't neglect it, would you?

YOU - are the most valuable asset in your life and your business.

How are you looking after that asset?

Are you pushing it beyond its limits?

Expecting it to do everything?

Do you give it good quality fuel?

The resilience of the person who carries the lion’s share of responsibilities is the first thing to take care of. Everything else only becomes possible once this is established and maintained.

It's not just your right to look after yourself. It's your responsibility. And you have to role model it for your teams in work and your family at home. You have to show them how it's done. You do that by demonstrating a work-life balance with sensible boundaries around working time and personal time alike. You do that by taking your lunch breaks every single day (because eating is non-negotiable!). You do that by observing your energy rhythms, working with them and empowering the people around you to do the same.

Resilience starts with you, the leader (whether you are the leader at work or the leader in your family). Or not. Your choice. But there is a high price to pay if you choose the latter.

If you are a Newstalk listener, listen out from Monday 24th January for two weeks for an advert voiced by yours truly. (What a great experience to go into a recording studio and narrate my own ad!). I’m promoting my upcoming Resilience Boost 2022 workshop and also a Resilient Success 2022 package of workshops I’m doing in collaboration with Adrian Kelly, Success Coach at

Listen to Newstalk at the times below if you are near a transistor device at any stage! And give me a little wave 😊

Until next week, take care of your best asset (need a reminder?! It’s you!),


Newstalk Radio - Lisa's advert times

Mon 24/01/2022 06:55 08:20 17:55

Tue 25/01/2022 06:55 08:20 17:55

Wed 26/01/2022 06:55 08:20 17:20

Thu 27/01/2022 06:55 07:55 17:55

Fri 28/01/2022 06:15 07:55 18:20

Mon 31/01/2022 06:40 07:55 17:20

Tue 01/02/2022 08:20 17:20

Wed 02/02/2022 08:20 17:40

Thu 03/02/2022 08:20 18:20

Fri 04/02/2022 08:20 18:20


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