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After the flood

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Happy New Year.  I really mean that!  No-one deserves a happy and successful 2021 more than you after what 2020 has put you through.  But you made it to this point and I am extremely grateful for that and for you.

It’s looking hopeful (and more possible) that this time next year we will be looking back at the Covid era, in hindsight (and we all love hindsight!).  Generations to come will discuss how we managed, what we learned and what bits of ‘new and improved’ we take with us into the future.

Kingfisher out of the ark

We still have some hurdles left in our current ‘flood’ – another lockdown and what seems like a slow-motion rollout of the vaccines (although as a HCP I do know that it has to be done safely and thoroughly).  But that’s okay in a way.  It gives us time to think.

When you fly again (or swim, or walk, or whatever is your way), what form will you take?  What colours of the new post-Covid world will you take on as your own?  When you consider the people you lead and who are watching you, what do you want them to see?

Now is the time to try on a new leadership coat for size, and adjust accordingly, so that you are ready to thrive when we are all released.

Quiet leaders are thoughtful, considered and intentional in how they lead others.

R.E.A.L Leaders have a well-practised resilience that serves them well no matter what challenges they face.

Until next week, stay safe,



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