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Did you know that a butterfly’s DNA is completely different from the DNA of its previous life as a caterpillar?

When a caterpillar is in its chrysalis, its structure changes and it dissolves into a soupy organic mush.

Cells that were previously dormant, called imaginal cells, wake up and activate. At first each of these cells operates as a single-cell organism, completely independent from the other imaginal cells.

The immune system of the caterpillar recognises these as foreign bodies because they have different DNA; it sees them as a threat so it attacks them to fight them off.

But the imaginal cells are undeterred; they multiply, and then they start connecting with each another, and start forming little clusters.

All cells in the universe vibrate at different frequencies and these imaginal cells are no different. They start to resonate with the same frequency and communicate in the same language, passing information backwards and forwards until there is a tipping point – when they stop acting as individual, separate cells and instead, become a multiple-celled organism: a butterfly.

Leaders can be the imaginal cells within their community or organisation if it’s going through a crisis. When they don’t give up, when they start hanging out with other like-minded leaders the sum is greater than the individual parts.

Ideas flourish and gather legs.

Last week I organised my first Round Table event for Real Leaders. We discussed real life challenges that are facing SMEs at the moment. Participants really showed up for each other and generously shared their wisdom and experiences with each other. Afterwards I sent them bullet points of the suggestions and insights from the collective.

I certainly learned loads as I always do when speaking to entrepreneurs and SME owners (who are the bedrock of our economy) so I will definitely organise more of these events and I’m going to build them into a Real Leaders membership programme too. If you’d like to join a future event pop over to my Contact Page and send me a message.

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