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Being a leader isn’t easy. It’s easy enough to lead the people we get along with -- the ones who are on board and share the same values as us. It’s much more difficult to lead the people who push back. And that’s where leadership is most needed.

Leading is especially difficult when, sometimes, we may feel like we don’t even know how to lead ourselves, let alone others. There is lots of uncertainty and change right now. My clients are reporting new risks and old habits squaring each other up – circling the ring in their heads, vying for attention.

In order to thrive -- not just survive -- you have to trust your own wings to fly. To do that, you need to be confident in your own capacity and resilience. It’s vital you start there because you can’t lead others really until you’ve led yourself.

As I say often, you already have everything you need to be resilient within you. You are in the driver’s seat. You don’t need any particular level of education, a certain IQ or even money in your bank account. Everything you need is already inside of you. You were born with what you need and you don’t leave it behind when you leave the house.

Our own physiology is the best asset we have. We don’t lean on it enough.

And we should.

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