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Listening to Leaders

There can be no better examples of leadership than hearing the stories of actual leaders; those who are in it, living it, facing the challenges, learning from them and most importantly willing to share their insights for the benefit of others.

This week I chatted to Claire Burrows, Founder of NowBaby, about what she does (watch carefully to hear the number of little miracles achieved to date!), her business, her business journey, her leadership of her clients and herself, and what she does to practise self-care. The recording is HERE :)

If you would like to follow Claire she can be found at:

As next Saturday is Christmas Day (and Santa Day for young and old alike I hope) and the following one is New Year’s Day, ‘The Way of the Quiet Leader’ will return in January.

In the meantime I wish you a lovely holiday. I hope that you take the break, rest and recover, have fun and also stop to acknowledge what you’ve achieved this year – against more odds than usual it has to be said.

All the best and stay well,



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