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We all need a change of scene every now and then.

We get bored looking at the same old walls.

Our visitors get bored looking at the same old walls.

I noticed this, so I moved.

Yes, my business has moved to THIS new website, designed by Daniel Price, the incredibly talented and creative chief web designer at The Happy Web Company. It has a totally different look and layout from my previous site. I’m really delighted with it and proud to direct people here.

Oh, and I moved house. 4 humans. 1 cat. The cat's belongings. 75 man-hours to declutter / recycle / trash / pack a lifetime of 'stuff' for storage until our new house was ready. 11 days living out of suitcases between houses. 6 nights sleeping on the floor awaiting delivery of beds. 1 cross cat retrieved from the cattery 15 days ago but still in a giant huff.

My Fitbit recorded 222kms walked, 316,322 steps taken, 487 floors climbed and over 65,000 calories burned over the last four weeks. Then it sent me an e-mail summarising these stats with the subject line 'Overachiever'. Quite. (I'd just like to know how many days wrapped in a duvet watching Netflix that earned me.)

The thing is, if you had told me in advance that's what it would take I wouldn't have attempted it.

But now that I'm on the other side of it, I'm struck (not for the first time) by what we humans can cope with when we have to. We're stronger than we think. More resilient than we think. Capable of more than we think. I say 'we' because I'm including you in this. I'm inviting you to think back to a challenge you faced, that beforehand you would have run a mile from if someone had outlined what it would take.

Did you get through it?

Yeah you did!

So don't doubt yourself again. You've done it before, you could do it again with your eyes closed.

And eventually - eventually, I think - your cat will forgive you :)

Until next time, take care!



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