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Resilience in Action

When a client experiences a sudden huge challenge...

When they dig deep...

When they take action...

When they open their mindset to unknown possibilities...

When they seek and accept help... (that is truly resilience in action)

When they realise they're GRATEFUL for the challenge actually because that was what was needed to push them out of their comfort zone...

And when they turn up at coaching:

- brimming with energy,

- with light shining out of their eyes,

- with plans for expansion of their business bubbling up and out of them,

- recognising what brought success and resolving to continue taking the right actions that now seem more effortless because they know they will work...

...then I have had a good day. Not because I 'gave' them anything but because they now truly see what they already had. They often can't see how great they are until I hold up the mirror. It's a good day for me when I get to be that mirror.

It's often said that the coach matters because he or she matters least in coaching. It's the client's journey and it's the client's success that matters. Only that.

Here is a quick video I recorded after one of these sessions with some key insights that I hope will inspire or reassure you - just in case this is exactly the moment you needed to hear these messages.

Until next time, take care,



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