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When life throws a curveball

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

All is well now, but last week I had a family emergency that needed my full attention.

My diary had to be hastily cleared.  I had to ramp up my own self-care to be sure I could hold the fort and hold the ‘safe space’ for everyone else to cope and recover.   I had to be really aware of the effects of stress, that it was acute and severe, that my immune system would dip when the crisis was over (and indeed it did try to!) and I needed to mitigate that.

But that all worked out fine, because over the past number of years I have paid regular attention to developing my strengths while practising a flexible and positive mindset.

You see, the time to build our resilience is not during a crisis.  The best time is when things are going reasonably well; when you have time, energy and headspace to give it the attention it needs.

If you haven’t looked at your own resilience habits for a while, I invite you to do that over this coming weekend.  Go to the Resilience Hub and download the free assessment tool in the introductory module.  See what you are doing well and continue that.  Look at what has fallen off the table and pay some attention to renewing that.  Fun and sleep tend to fall out of our diaries most quickly. Schedule them back in.

When replenishing your energy it has to be of equal proportion to the amount of that has been drained out.  Under new or more stress recently?  Then renew your energy more.  Eat well, sleep, laugh, get fresh air into your lungs.

Then, if and when you are thrown a curveball in life, business or work, you are already ahead of that curve, catching the ball and firing it back at the universe with vigour and vitality!

Until next week, take care,


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