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Career in Practice Nursing Info series (1 of 5)

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

If you are a nurse in Ireland who has ever considered a move to Practice Nursing, you may have missed the 5 day information and coaching inspired series about this topic on our Facebook page (Aslan Coaching and Training) this week.  So here they are again on this blog, all in one place so you can catch up!

This series is not intended to persuade you one way or the other about a move, but it’s designed to get you thinking about whether such a move might be right for you, and the series is just a flavour of what will be covered in upcoming workshops on this topic that I am co-hosting with my friend and colleague Jane Campion on 26th July and 4th October in Dublin.

So my first question to you is “Why are you considering moving to Practice Nursing?”

Many nurses who work in hospital settings hanker after a ‘day job’ or a job closer to home, with hours that are more in line with family life, school hours etc.  Some feel they would love a chance to get to know their patients better or over a longer period, in order to provide a more holistic model of care to individuals.

If this is you, you may have considered or even actively looked into the possibility of working in Public Health/Community Nursing, Occupational Nursing, Practice Nursing, or teaching/lecturing.  You may have explored the idea of working for a pharmaceutical company, either as a Sales Rep or Customer Service Rep, or as an in-house nurse who holds clinics in pharmacies, or who visits patients in their own homes.

While unsocial hours in hospital settings are a huge burden on nurses (lightened only by maybe some overtime showing in your payslip), it would be important to take a step back to look at your work situation and examine with an objective eye your reasons for seeking a change, and also to think about your career as a whole in terms of continued learning and development of your range of nursing skills.

Moving from secondary care to primary care has benefits and drawbacks, much the same as a move from any job to another one.

So here are just two of the many reasons that make people think sometimes, or a lot, about moving to a different role in nursing and if you do nothing else today, reflect on whether these apply to you and to what extent.

  1. Are you bored in your current job and seeking a new challenge or want to expand your nursing skills?

  2. Is conflict at work an underlying or a significant reason for wanting to move?

I touched on both these issues in other posts during this series so have a think about this and then check out the rest of the series.

Best wishes,


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