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Maybe now is not the time…

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Recently I was speaking to a client who had a big decision to make.

She summarised perfectly what happens to most of us when we find ourselves at a crossroads in life.

On the days when she is well-rested and has energy, she is enthusiastic and ready to make the leap.

But on days when she is tired, overwhelmed, running to stand still and wondering where to find a spare minute in a packed day, she loses not just her enthusiasm but her self-confidence that she can see it through.

If you find yourself at that crossroads and you flip-flop back and forth, it’s crucial to remember that when you are tired and overwhelmed is not the time to change a life goal or make a decision that will impact your future in the long-term.

The time to make that decision is when you are energised and can’t wait to start.  On days when it seems too much, that’s the signal to rest (yes I keep mentioning time to rest because I’ve met you before and you’re inclined not to, so you need reminding!).

In fact, days of overwhelm might be the signal that change is needed. It’s often said that it’s only when our discomfort becomes unbearable that we are pushed into a decision we maybe should have made long before now.

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