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The benefits of knowing your true values

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

But when you are living or working with people who do not share the same values as you, that can be stressful, so it’s important to either try to avoid those situations or find a way to live with them or compensate for them.

One of the reasons some people find holidays like Christmas so difficult is that they may be spending more time than they would like with people who don’t share the same values as them.

In this case, there are three choices:

  1. Get stressed or even end up in an argument with someone. Options 2 and 3 are better than this!

  2. Change the situation if you can. Say no when you can. Make contingency plans. Arrange to do something completely different.

  3. If you really can’t change the situation, change your attitude to it; for example, do more of the things that nourish your spirit and give you energy or make you feel calm, but also be more mindful of those things when you are doing them – and by that I mean if you like to get out for a walk but you spend the whole time stewing over something someone has said, you are not getting the benefit of the walk! Instead, be mindful and present while you are out for the walk. Notice nature and your environment, and be consciously aware that you are physically away from the situation that triggered you.

In the Resilience Hub this week there is a video that describes the perfect metaphor for knowing your values. Accompanying the video is a downloadable exercise (just 1 page) to help you apply the metaphor to your life, so that you can get on top your feelings, mentally and emotionally, if you find yourself living a life or having days that don’t honour your values..

Also, in the Hub this week there is a framework for assessing if a situation honours your values, and some signposts for what to do – and that’s free for everyone to download.

So, for those of you who enjoy the Christmas season, have a lovely week ahead. For those of you who don’t, this too shall pass and before you know it, it will be the New Year.

With best wishes,



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