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What has been passed down?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Researchers have discovered evidence of the life experiences of our predecessors in the DNA of our cells.

Here’s the science bit… “This is the process of epigenetics, where the readability, or expression, of genes is modified without changing the DNA code itself. Tiny chemical tags are added to or removed from our DNA in response to changes in the environment in which we are living.” (Ref: BBC Future). Studies of children of trauma survivors as well as mice add weight to this theory. It’s not a guaranteed inheritance – most of the markers are wipe clean at the creation of life, but some may remain.

Just think back to what your great (x 6) grandparents were dealing with. And every generation in between.

The first thing we think of is the trauma they endured. No doubt they endured trauma, considering what we know happened in recent history – wars, famine, poverty, human rights abuses.

But in the eye-opening technique that coaches often use, which is to flip the coin over, what great successes did your predecessors achieve?  What kind of leaders might they have been?  They may have successfully led their families and communities through famine, war, poverty and emigration.  They may have been wise, strong in character, resilient, great innovators, inventors or healers.

Those experiences and successes might also be present as markers on your DNA. Now how much more confident and capable do you feel?!

All leaders need others to lean on and we tend to look around us.  How about we look behind us too at where we have come from and what we carry with us?

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