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Capturing moments of gratitude

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

If you make a consistent and sustained effort to think positive thoughts, and to reframe every situation in a positive light, you can retrain your brain over time so that positive thought processes become more natural, more of a habit and easier to do.

I often talk about the value of gratitude for reframing challenging situations and making them easier to bear.  One of the most common tips (and I use this often myself as a tip and as a habit) is to keep a gratitude journal where you write regularly – preferably every day – several things that you are grateful for.

I recently came across an interesting alternative, just to mix things up or if you just can’t create the habit of writing every day.

There are so many apps now that will do everything bar the ironing, but the particular app that was flagged for me by an online coach is one that takes an daily image and creates a video for you after a month or a year, whatever time frame you choose.

In January I made sure to take a picture every day of something meaningful or that I was grateful for.  The video that is the result of this is in a new section of the Resilience Hub that I created this week.  It doesn’t include my family who of course I’m most grateful for but that’s because I protect their online privacy, but there was enough during the month to create my little video, which is nice to look back at.

I will do another one based on the Pillars of my Resilience Framework and I may challenge you to do the same, but for now have a think about whether this is something that could add positivity to your life.  You could use it to monitor growth of flowers you planted, or something you are working on like an oil painting or redecorating a room, or to observe the seasons changing in your environment, or your business goals and successes.

The App I used is an IOS one called 1 Second EveryDay.  I’m sure there are others so check out the store in your phone and make it a project for a month, or even a week.

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