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Confidence follows courage

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I was privileged to be a guest speaker this week at the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust’s Annual Leadership Conference in Belfast this week, on the topic of how to be a resilient leader and build resilient teams.

Two fellow speakers at the event were truly outstanding and their messages need to be shared as widely as possible.

Amanda Oates from Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust spoke about our tendency to jump to blame the ‘who’ of a mistake or error, rather than look at the whole picture – how and why it happened.  She has worked hard to implement a different approach, (click link to watch YouTube video that explains the concept of a ‘Just Culture’), where through structured processes and a compassionate approach, the person, their team and the organisation set out on a journey of learning together, so that the individual is supported and the organisation becomes stronger through better processes and managing risk more effectively.  This is a fantastic people-centred approach and a badly needed change because crude disciplinary procedures don’t benefit the organisation and worst of all have a huge impact on employees and their families, often even resulting in people taking their own lives.

What situations have you found yourself in recently that could be addressed with either of the approaches above?  Perhaps they are ones to remember for the week ahead.  Compassion for those who make genuine errors (we’re all human) and remembering that confidence follows courage.

Have a great week and take care of yourself,



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