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Confidence Inside and Out – Workshop for Teams and Groups

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Confidence Workshops

‘Confidence Inside and Out’ – workshops

Are you a HR Director or Manager who wants to offer your team a workshop which combines feeling good on the inside with looking good on the outside?

In the first workshop of its kind in Ireland, Lisa Nolan, Resilience and Leadership Coach and Maria Macklin, Image Consultant have collaborated to explore the importance of knowing how to align inner and outer confidence.

From Lisa your teams will learn the importance of being able to access their best selves every day. They will discover that harnessing resilience will allow them to thrive rather than just survive. Being able to practice and understand how to use their leadership skills when they need them is key to unlocking their potential.

From Maria, your teams will see the fundamental role their appearance plays in their relationship to themselves, how others relate to them and the results they achieve.  Being visibly consistent and authentic is empowering.

During this workshop, Lisa and Maria will help your teams appreciate the value of connecting who they are on the inside with how they appear on the outside authentically and investing in themselves so they can access this every day; it’s fundamental to their confidence and ultimate success.  These are lifelong skills which enable them to fulfil their potential and ride the ‘winds of change’ gracefully.

We can deliver either a 2 hour or a 1 hour workshop.

To book contact either Lisa or Maria Macklin, House of Colour


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