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Everything going wrong?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021


Things that are usually embedded as habits and memories, just fall out of your head.  You forget important stuff you have had on your mind for ages beforehand.  Time moves faster unexpectedly and you find yourself late, and can’t believe how it happened?  You notice that things just aren’t panning out as they should.

It can feel very disorientating.  You doubt your memory, your organisational skills or even your sanity.

There are some perfectly logical explanations for this.  There is also one question that makes it all seem better and more manageable.

Possible explanations:

  1. You are overtired or sleep deprived.

  2. You have been depriving your brain of the nutrients, hydration or oxygen it needs.

  3. You have said ‘Yes’ too many times instead of ‘No’ or ‘Wait’

  4. You need to update your systems and habits (calendar, notes, reminders) to be fit for purpose for a new or increased flow of work or responsibilities.

  5. The universe is telling you something.

That last one is quite powerful.  And that’s where the magical question comes in.

What is this teaching me?

In the midst of turmoil and chaos, it’s difficult to remember this question, but if you can remember please try it, answer it and then observe how much calmer and in control you feel.

Tried and tested by yours truly this week 😊 #JustSaying!

Until next week, take care,



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