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When cocooning hides procrastination

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

A common question, even a challenge.

I delight in hearing how others are forgiving themselves more now for stopping to smell the roses, noticing the Earth breathing, getting out in the fresh air more than usual.  Notwithstanding the real heartbreak of missing contact with family members outside our own home, it’s a nice way to live.

Personally, I’m going to focus on what I did do: walked more, appreciated every day having both children home from college and school, the occasional lie-ins because there’s no travel, spending less.  I have breathed more than usual.

But what about when, if we’re really honest with ourselves, this becomes an excuse not to do something that could be really impactful for our work, business or future life?  Comfort zones are perfectly named – it’s soooo comfortable for most of us to self-isolate and do less.

Are you finding yourself having sparkly ideas during quiet moments?  Daydreaming; creative and limitless imagining of a different life or business?

We’re programmed to pursue a purpose.  Our circadian rhythm is designed for exactly that.  We wake in the morning with different hormones circulating than when we went to sleep.  They are hormones that give us energy and motivation to get up, even if the only motivation is to get breakfast.

Over time, if we have no purpose, life loses colour and interest.  It’s not good for our mental health.  But ironically, we also have an inbuilt warning system that protects us from danger, real or perceived.  This often stops us from taking an uncomfortable step towards our long-term purpose, calling someone, putting your business out there online, or REALLY offering your unique gifts and hard earned knowledge to the world, making it AVAILABLE to those who need it.

If the mantra “Don’t hide your light” means something to you, you will like the following passage from a newsletter this week by Dr Rick Hanson.

We can hold back our contributions to the world, including love, just as much as we can muzzle or repress sorrow or anger. But contribution needs to flow; it stagnates and gets stinky if it doesn’t. Thwarted contribution is the source of much unhappiness. For example, the wound of loneliness and heartache is about not having others to give to as much as not having others to get from.

Why not do one thing now that you wouldn’t do normally?  And be proud of yourself when normality resumes, that you did it!  You have the power within you to do whatever you choose.  If you can’t locate that power you need to invest in one or two sessions with a coach, whether it’s me or someone else you have been following – just do it.  The benefits last long after the session has ended.

Until next week, take care and stay safe,



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