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Brainwaves – have you had one recently?!

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Quick explanation: Beta is when we are fully awake and alert and working.  Alpha waves occur during relaxation or hypnosis. Delta is when we are deeply asleep and not dreaming.  Theta waves occur when we are day-dreaming or engrossed in a manual task and unaware of time passing.

This week I would like you to think back or keep a record for a couple of days, of how often you think your brain has had those different types of brainwaves, and how often you have stopped yourself from entering a Theta period.  In today’s busy world we often feel guilty if we allow ourselves to daydream, like it’s time wasted or unproductive time.  But it’s really not!  You need to allow some time every day for just nothing, so that your brain and mind can flow the way it wants to and the way it needs to.

It’s not ‘Hammer Time’ – it’s Theta Time!

There is a more detailed explanation in The Resilience Hub – click the link to sign up for free and upgrade your life in just 3 minutes per week 🙂

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