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Look after yourself so you can look after others

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

When is the last time you set aside time to look at your own needs and wants?

You can’t look after them until you look after yourself first. You know this makes sense! Can you put it into action though?

What do you need to do, as a starter, for yourself? What action can YOU take, that isn’t dependent on the actions or will of others? We can’t control others, but we can exert (or take back!) control of our thoughts, behaviours and actions. Even though you might have multiple responsibilities, you must find space for YOU.

Just one slice, every day, of what fuels your soul.

Why not put one small new action in place today and then check back in with me in 7 days time (you will find me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or reply to the e-mailed newsletter you get if you are signed up to the Resilience Hub) to account for what you did.  Accountability is a powerful tool that coaches use all the time to help clients convert thoughts into action.

In the Resilience Hub this week is a new video on how to overcome obstacles so that you can make changes stick.  It’s in the section that looks at the Cornerstone of Fuel which is all about what fuels your resilient life.

Until next time, best wishes and remember – look after yourself first so you can look after everyone else.



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