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Resilience is not the absence of adversity

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

This is something I repeat often to my coaching clients and in #ResilienceWorkshops


This is something I have to remind myself of too. (Coaches are human as well – we have wobbles too!). When I remember this mantra, it’s easier to allow emotions to take their course, to wait patiently until a fearful moment has passed.

This too shall pass.

When we recognise that we are tired, worn out, sleep deprived or just plain ‘need some time off’, it’s crucial that we accept those facts, take time to rest and recover, forgive ourselves for a glitch, show ourselves the loving kindness we often show to others, and most importantly don’t make any life-altering decisions until we are back to ourselves.

Later, when we are back to normal thinking and have recovered, we can look back and identify what we have learned.

Then we bounce back.

We bounce back stronger.

We ARE in fact, resilient.


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