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The Fog of Familiarity

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I saw this picture and thought, ‘What a beautiful place to live!’.

Then I wondered if the people who live there appreciate how pretty it is.

Would they look at where I live and wistfully think the same thing?!

Familiarity sometimes becomes a fog that prevents us from seeing what’s right in front of us.  When is the last time you looked at your home and surroundings with fresh eyes?  Can you think back to a time, years ago, when you day-dreamed about what your future home would look like, and wondered how on earth to make it a reality?

Suddenly, having to clean and maintain it doesn’t seem such a chore any more, does it?

This is a simple but powerful switch in mindset that helps us to feel more gratitude, more in control, more resilient and ultimately much happier.

It even makes the ironing easier for me!  I think of those who don’t have a roof, let alone an iron and an ironing board.  Or loved ones to do the ironing for.  Or a safe environment to do the ironing in.  When I think ‘Yay! I get to do the ironing…’ rather than ‘Ththth…I have to do the ironing…’ my whole day improves.  (Well, it works for me – every little helps!!)

What do you ‘get’ to do instead of ‘having’ to do it?

Until next week, I hope you ‘get’ to do lots of familiar tasks with a new perspective that brings you newfound peace and joy.

All the best,


Image credit:  Dan Magatti via


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