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Yes! I Will Seek Out Opportunities To Laugh Today

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

“Yes! I Will Seek Out Opportunities To Laugh Today” 🙂

Business should be fun!  Laughing is so good for us it should be the first port of call when we feel low.

It is physically and mentally beneficial; encouraging deep breaths of air, clearing the mind, and of course releasing those lovely endorphins.

Find a moment of joy in relation to your business.  Need inspiration?  Why not try Pinterest.  A search for cartoons and illustrations related to your business or sector will have you seeing the lighter side of life in no time.

Set goals. Make progress. Move forward towards business success every day.

Lisa, x

P.S. You are invited to join me in the One Goal Challenge below.  Let’s succeed together in our business goals for 2018!


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