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Actively listening to enrich your life

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Active Listening

Listening is sometimes called an art and a science.  (In fact, I counted once – coaches are trained to listen in 11 different ways!). It is really important for our mental health to actively listen sometimes because it encourages our brain to work the way it’s supposed to.  Listening tunes our brain to the patterns of our environment faster than any other sense, and paying special attention to sounds, the non-visual parts of our world, feeds everything from our intellectual performance to our motor skills and coordination.

Listening to the sounds around us, particularly sounds of nature, soothes an overactive mind and can alleviate stress in a few seconds.  In Japan, looking at a photo of nature is called ‘Forest Bathing’ and in studies this has been proven to help us metabolise stress hormones.

The new video I’ve posted in The Resilience Hub goes much further than that!  Yesterday, I went for my usual early morning walk, and I took YOU with me.  The result is posted in the Section of the Hub called “You Have What You Need” (scroll down through the sections and open that section to view the video).

If you haven’t activated your free membership of the Hub yet you can do that HERE.

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