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Do you trust your own wings?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Resilience is not a trait that people either have or don’t have.

It involves behaviours, thoughts, and actions that can be learned and developed in everyone.

Resilience is about being adaptable. It’s about being flexible.

It’s about recognizing that we’ve got strengths that perhaps we never knew we had until we have to use them.

And like many things in life – the more we practise, the more we learn.

You already have EVERYTHING you need within you to be resilient, you just need to be aware of it, work on it a little bit and keep doing that even when you think you aren’t doing well – because I promise you, you are doing better than you think.

And the more you practise, the more resilient you’ll be and you will know it and feel more confident in your ability.

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not in the branch but in its own wings.”

News this week:

There are now 150 bite-sized resources in The Resilience Hub.  For those of you who don’t know about the Hub, it’s online resilience training to help you ‘upgrade to a stress-free life in just 3 minutes per week’!

I have been adding new resources every week for a year now.  Now it’s time for Phase Two of the development of this Hub to ensure it continues to meet the needs of all who subscribe to it.  One idea I have is to get it accredited so that it will count towards your CPD records, if that’s important to you in your career.

This is where you have another chance to have your say and perhaps influence the content so that it meets your needs.  If you could use CPD points, please reply and let me know your profession and who your professional body is.  If you have searched for a particular topic and have not found a resource for it in the Hub, please drop me a note about that.

Also this week, there is a special offer of 60% off The Resilience Hub for those of you who have One4All gift cards floating about, waiting to be spent.  The offer and promo code is available to view on for the month of October and is valid until 30th November.

Until next time, take care,


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