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When you take on too much

Updated: Nov 12, 2021


But there’s coaching principle called ‘Pausing for Performance’…

…and the best example of how it works is think how you’d feel if you worked all day and through the night.  How productive would you be the following day?

If you have ever woken up refreshed after sleep or a nap or if you have ever had a great idea in the shower or at traffic lights – that’s because actually your brain has been allowed to pause for performance and you can see how that has given you new motivation, commitment, new insights/ideas and vision, clarity and renewed energy.

I usually try to practise what I preach – usually! – but a few weeks ago I had a lot on my plate, I took on more and said yes to too many things.

Then something of reasonable importance fell out of my head.  Totally gone.  I didn’t even notice or twig until the following evening.

Lesson learned – again.  Practise what you preach Lisa!  Stop taking on so much.  Say no. Prioritise. Recognise that performance drops when you don’t balance your workload with recovery time.

It’s all explained in the new video this week in The Resilience Hub.  If you haven’t signed up for it yet you can do so here.    There is a paid version which gives access to the full dashboard but the free version has lots to keep you going too, plus a weekly Resilience Guide by e-mail to keep you on track.

Until next week, please Pause for Performance at least once!

All the best,



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