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How deep is your Well?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

When the going gets tough you tap into your ‘Well of Resilience‘. If your well is deep and full – if you have effectively maintained it through focused action and attention – you will quickly return to a sense of calm and clarity.

If you haven’t been refilling your well when resources were plentiful, it will quickly run dry – resulting in burnout.

When your ‘Well of Resilience’ is deep and replenished, you will be supported by:

  1. A sense of calm

  2. Clarity and very clear focus on what’s important.

  3. Hope for the future

  4. Confidence and fulfilment.

What happens when your ‘Well of Resilience’ is depleted?

  1. Fear

  2. Reactivity – you react to external triggers rather than responding in a measured way

  3. Impatience

  4. Negativity and resentment

  5. Overwhelm and exhaustion

  6. Anxiety or depression

  7. Disengagement

What can you do today, right now, to replenish your Well of Resilience?

It might be calling someone you love to talk to.  It might be saying no to something.  It might be picking up a piece of fruit.  It might be drinking a glass of water.  It might be writing down that thing that’s burning your brain and then shredding the paper vigorously.  It might be having a quick nap.  It might be treating yourself to something, book tickets to see a random show this weekend, schedule a walk out in nature over the weekend and set yourself a challenge to count how many species of birds you see.

I invite you to do something to replenish your well today, whether you feel you need it or not right now, because who knows when you will have to draw from it.

Have a great week ahead,



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